The King Has Arrived: LeBron James Joins Fortnite’s Icon Series
MVP. Champion. Gold Medalist. LeBron James brings his legacy to Fortnite’s Icon Series.

Arriving in the Item Shop on July 14, 2021, basketball’s best arrives with two separate Outfits -- each with additional style options and equipped with King James’ upcoming signature shoe, the Nike LeBron 19.

Stylish and imposing, the LeBron James Outfit blends the best of LeBron's on-court and pre-game persona. It includes the LeBron James Outfit and the King’s Back Bling. Sunglasses optional!

Also available, complete the look with the King James Gear Bundle. It features:

The Lion Pickaxe
Wingspan Glider
Quiet the competition with LeBron’s emphatic on-the-court celebration, The Silencer.

As a new layer of customization, LeBron’s matching Outfit, Back Bling, Lion Pickaxe, and Wingspan Glider all feature a progressive edit slider -- allowing you to add more than 20 gold variations of the outfit. See how the slider can augment your look in the clip below.

And when the game isn’t on the line, crunch time takes on a whole new meaning for LeBron. Celebrating Taco Tuesday, the Tune Squad LeBron Outfit also includes the LeBron’s Taco Tuesday style Variant and Pack Supreme Back Bling -- letting you take a guac on LeBron’s wild side.

Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.


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  • Black Cube
    Black Cube

    i need a female version of LeBron

  • Arachnid Badger
    Arachnid Badger


  • De'Quinten Pritchard
    De'Quinten Pritchard

    I miss chater 2 seson 1

  • Reinaldo Augusto
    Reinaldo Augusto

    Im just looking for that audio

  • Minal Dsilva
    Minal Dsilva

    0:10 welcome to the space jam

  • MrTacoCraver

    hes black

  • tristan125

    When Fortnite gets LeBron James from space jam a new legacy

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue

    This Is Freaking Sick Wow

  • Golden money bear
    Golden money bear

    All hail the king

  • Nick Nomski
    Nick Nomski

    Only one thing to say about that: Human rights for Uighurs

  • Nick Nomski
    Nick Nomski

    The douche has arrived

  • Doctor Slone
    Doctor Slone

    Lola bunny should be a skin from Space jam 2 I would totally cop

  • Abdulla Alhammadi
    Abdulla Alhammadi


  • glitch lord of darkness
    glitch lord of darkness

    Ocherednoy unga bunga )

  • Husnain Ramay
    Husnain Ramay

    I loved the 4 rings he was wearing

  • JJ Carvalho
    JJ Carvalho

    Hey fortnite in chapter 2 season 4 FNAF was leaked with freddy fishing or old man conskrensis fishing

  • BH_NotWx

    Why is there no sea server?

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui

    Every time your team starts losing he walks off the map

  • Wrynn Blade
    Wrynn Blade

    The King of FLOPS lol

    • miss the rage
      miss the rage


  • Kit and Meowscles
    Kit and Meowscles

    and he needs a wrap dark blue witj lightning coming from the front on the front an ali a logo and the lightning lights up when firing and an ali a contrail back bling emote at least 1 and anything in your locker mabe even a ali a theme music pack

  • Kit and Meowscles
    Kit and Meowscles

    I think on september 12 you should add an icon sieries ali a skin banner glider pickaxe and more as the "mystery" skin cos i think he would be an awsome icon skin fit for a battle pass and we all know ali a at this point deserves an icon skin i would use it all the time exept i dont save my v bucks plus he does deserve in my opinion to be in the battle pass

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui

      He ain't no king.he is just a human that is very good at basketball

  • Rangi Fitness Tangimataiti
    Rangi Fitness Tangimataiti

    whats the song called in this video

  • Klaudio Canaj
    Klaudio Canaj

    Pls spider man and xxxtentacion in fortnite

  • Victor Garcia
    Victor Garcia

    Che para cuando un ticket de devolución fortnite

  • Bharat Dua
    Bharat Dua

    Looking for the best song part 0:11 Song Target Anthane ray and MSCMKRS

  • Baron Majette 3
    Baron Majette 3

    i have the skin

  • Whgu ybnm
    Whgu ybnm

    Missed opportunity: The song they could’ve use is Forever by Drake

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui

      Why we don't need rap we need rock music

  • broomyy

    lebrone jahamez 😎

  • ZuM4 _V2
    ZuM4 _V2

    He’s not king Michel jorden was king LeBron wishes he could be king

  • Big_man_kaleb

    Petition for them to add a bugs bunny skin in the game

  • BionicallyAComputer


  • gtoss chddy
    gtoss chddy

    We all know this will be the new Travis Scott... Hardly anyone will buy it at first, and 6 months after, EVERYONE will want it

  • the fps gamer
    the fps gamer

    He ain't no king.he is just a human that is very good at basketball

  • Abdulla Alhammadi
    Abdulla Alhammadi

    I want fortnite at App Store

    • AR_Gaming

      @Abdulla Alhammadi no

    • Abdulla Alhammadi
      Abdulla Alhammadi

      And I want fortnite at iPad

  • GA-MING_ BEAST5099
    GA-MING_ BEAST5099

    Lebron James is stuck in Fortnite we won’t be able to play basketball anymore he can’t even use the bathroom

  • Daniela

    love it

  • Hayat Essahat
    Hayat Essahat

    I hate this game cause im angry

  • RangeroverPlAYS

    How do u get it

  • Deto Qcney
    Deto Qcney

    Does this confirm his skills are due to him being an alien😏

  • Zain Kamran
    Zain Kamran

    what music is this does anyone know

    • Zain Kamran
      Zain Kamran

      i found it : Target feat. anthony ray

    • Zain Kamran
      Zain Kamran

      @Aser :(

    • Aser

      Nope I want it too but no one knows

  • Chris Preslar
    Chris Preslar


  • Hyp3rK1ll _AoC
    Hyp3rK1ll _AoC

    Oh snap! Can we get a CCP style??!

  • Damo Guerini
    Damo Guerini

    The boys ye ye

  • Ahmed Nasrullah
    Ahmed Nasrullah

    Great !

  • NeverSneezeWithANosebleedAsItWillBeVeryMessyForYou

    I can finally shoot people as Lebron. Though, it should have been Gilbert Arenas instead.

  • Alejandro santos chavez
    Alejandro santos chavez

    I'm going to sue fortnite

  • Ender clone
    Ender clone

    Fortnite you need to add Friday night funkin to fortnite even new scape pro said it on a video

    • Ender clone
      Ender clone

      Was up Lebron!

  • Turruven

    wildfire is that u??

    • mijuo roui
      mijuo roui


  • Kevin Cheng
    Kevin Cheng

    ppl still ply this game?

    • Aser


  • Phoen1x

    Looks hype ngl

  • PyCrat GD
    PyCrat GD

    This is the exact time when the vine of that kid saying LeBron James is relevant.

  • Pedophilic Disorder
    Pedophilic Disorder

    a person of color with a gun seems a bit racist

  • Fabricio Almeida
    Fabricio Almeida


  • Its Ethan 89
    Its Ethan 89

    I wish i had Vbucks bro

  • Ghosted 08
    Ghosted 08

    I’m waiting for another colaboration with mortal kombat



  • Samgames

    welcome lebron!

    • foopyu nooui
      foopyu nooui

      Fortnite boomers when they see Space Jam: A New Legacy: “oMg! iT’s tHe gUy fRoM fOrTniTe!!1!”

  • Samgames


  • Chaitanya ツ
    Chaitanya ツ

    le brawn james

  • Updesh Gupta
    Updesh Gupta

    Epic games plz gift me armoured batman skin because when I bought 2000 v bucks it said that it is redeemed by my account but it wasn't redeemed from me you can check my account also solar-princess7

  • carr0302

    What a terrible mess of cultural regression. No thanks.

  • Cute kit
    Cute kit

    Time to spend another 20 dollars.

  • احمد شمس
    احمد شمس

    When will Loserfruit Residence come back?

  • Rodrigo Severino Pérez Rodríguez
    Rodrigo Severino Pérez Rodríguez

    BG-chat permanently deleted my main account for my comments against LeBron and against Disney. LeBron is racist, he’s anti American and he hates cops. F&ck anyone who supports him.

    • Ñ T R I C K S T E R ツ ツ ツ
      Ñ T R I C K S T E R ツ ツ ツ


  • chding zuure
    chding zuure

    We need Looney Tunes characters please.

  • nacho

    Minecraft better than this game

    • Aser

      Each person has their own opinions leave your opinion to yourself

    • Ñ T R I C K S T E R ツ ツ ツ
      Ñ T R I C K S T E R ツ ツ ツ


  • lets go
    lets go

    I LOVE LEBRON JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG HE IS IN FORTNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gabriel Lima
    Gabriel Lima


  • soy Alien 😎
    soy Alien 😎

    I need money i poor

    • chding zuure
      chding zuure

      Can you gift me LeBron James

  • Gorilli09

    Fortnite boomers when they see Space Jam: A New Legacy: “oMg! iT’s tHe gUy fRoM fOrTniTe!!1!”

  • Jacob Beal
    Jacob Beal

    pls get my bug

  • Fadil Compaore
    Fadil Compaore

    Fortnite I can’t redeem the fortnite code I’m on Nintendo switch and on the redeem code on Nintendo store is only 16 digits I’m talking about the lebron it’s been my dream I’ve never had a skin in my life :username: Ferranistheking

  • Ivan Matekalo
    Ivan Matekalo

    Lebron James meme gang where you at

  • sam peli
    sam peli

    Missed out on travis, won't make the same mistake again

  • baconbro7

    Lebron james has arrived more like Lebron james is gonna arrive in my locker

  • maaz gaming channel
    maaz gaming channel

    what is that song in the background?


    Epic games can you bring that cow back in the game

    • ~Strawberry • Cow~
      ~Strawberry • Cow~

      The skin?

  • Dylan Anthony garcia YT
    Dylan Anthony garcia YT

    Fortnite people has been saying that this code works Rflacdvx9y7n4f7Lukck does it? it’s for toon squad lebron

  • Blue Elvin Guardado
    Blue Elvin Guardado



    music name ??

  • Daniel Perez
    Daniel Perez

    What do you do to get him

  • Julian Marrero
    Julian Marrero

    Can you gift me LeBron James

  • JMRS

    My ID IS JMRS1207

  • dueeh nyyu
    dueeh nyyu

    Every time your team starts losing he walks off the map

  • Bryan Villatoro
    Bryan Villatoro

    The only king is god

  • Tilted Blizz
    Tilted Blizz

    Do a Simpsons skins please

  • Ghostify

    Pls fix the lag i cant play no more because of the lag. I would rlly love if u guys fix the lag and i can play..

  • Squirtle Squad
    Squirtle Squad

    When is Michael Jordan coming

    • Sparkydino

      Most likely never

  • Harold 860 Salazar
    Harold 860 Salazar

    King James 😎😎😎

    • dueeh nyyu
      dueeh nyyu

      The wanting george dentsply drown because park immunophenotypically bubble minus a little hexagon. illegal, tan wrecker

  • Mandanoreo

    when is lebron coming to the item shop

  • Valentino Pog
    Valentino Pog


    • captain Herkules
      captain Herkules

      *Your Coming with us*

  • James Howard
    James Howard

    I love the ghost rider skin but there’s 1 thing that I hate about is that the angel version from the original movie 🎥 is not in game yet I think it’s a good idea to put the angel rider as a edit style for the ghost rider fortnite skin

    • James Howard
      James Howard

      @Hyperyyy I just giving epic games a idea if they think if they like the idea plus i posted this comment because I don’t have Instagram,Twitter and this was that latest video that the channel posted also I was not meaning for you to reply I want to see if epic would reply!

    • Hyperyyy

      Where tf did you see ghost rider in the trailer? We talking about LeBron James not the ghost rider skin

  • Gadi Pop
    Gadi Pop

    Why the skin lebron james is not free for player have a netflix account because the movie will appear first on netflix

  • Dos Kabiling
    Dos Kabiling

    Give us more Refund Tokens it’s hard to get Vbucks Fortnite give us more Refund

  • AlexKing 910
    AlexKing 910

    Can you activate the lab Ron James code Please

  • ASAR

    Oh so now we’re doing shitty players and propaganda?

  • Mcfly2512

    Can u pls make a darker lore fortnite?

    • captain Herkules
      captain Herkules

      Its a kids game

  • Prince Singh
    Prince Singh

    And others

  • Prince Singh
    Prince Singh

    Epic games do splits screen update i wanna play creative

  • Rowan

    Every time your team starts losing he walks off the map


    what time event

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